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About EL Carpenter

EL Carpenter is South Eastern Pennsylvania's premiere automotive repair service, willing and able to repair cars, trucks, RVs, boats and other marine equipment, as well as welding services for repairing customer equipment. Our expert technicians stand ready to assist you with even the most complext of automotive problems and all of our work is guaranteed, so you have nothing to worry about! Contact Us today to get more information about our repair services and schedule your appointment today!

Our Team

We understand that the quality of service that you recieve is highly dependant upon the technician performing the service, so in order to provide you with the best possible experience, we make sure to hire only the best technicians. Our dedicated professionals are both highly skilled and well trained, ensuring that no matter how complex the issue may be, our staff will always be able to diagnose the issue properly and perform the correct services. You can be rest assured that no matter if you need service on your daily driver or your work equipment, you service will be prompt and professional, and your technicial friendly and understanding. Contact Us today to meet our team and schedule your service today!

Our Guarantee

We take pride in the work that we perform. No matter if we are working on your car, truck, SUV, RV, Boat, or work equipment, we put extra care in making sure that repairs are done right, every time. Our expert technicians are well trained and our equipment state of the art, allowing us to guarantee that we will always perform repairs and maintenance to your liking, keeping your equipment running as long as possible. Should you encounter a problem, we stand by ready to assist at a moments notice. For more information, Contact Us today.